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You understand and reiterate the importance of respecting the terms and conditions set by the photographer regarding the usage of their images.

Refrain from downloading, copying, or taking screenshots of low-resolution proof images or watermarked images and text displayed on the website as it is considered theft of intellectual property.

It is also important to obtain permission from the photographer before displaying images on social media sites, websites, advertisements, or any form of promotion. Unauthorized use or distribution of these images without proper authorization is a violation of copyright laws.

Additionally, purchased personal images should not be given away to friends, used in for sale ads, shared with instructors or sponsors, or used on business websites without contacting the photographer for a commercial rate. Using the images in such contexts may require appropriate compensation as it is considered an "advertising image."

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in an invoice being sent for $150 per photo for unauthorized use or sharing of proof images or purchased personal images.

If you intend to use an image for advertising or commercial purposes, it is essential to contact the photographer, Sharlene Phillips, or OneEyedFrog Photography to discuss licensing and appropriate usage fees. This ensures that you are in compliance with copyright laws and obtain the necessary permissions and licenses for your specific use.

To avoid any complications or legal issues, it is always recommended to directly communicate with the photographer or their representative to clarify the terms of use and obtain the proper licenses or permissions. Respecting the rights of the photographer and obtaining appropriate permissions ensures that you comply with copyright laws and fulfill your obligations for using their work commercially.


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