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Terms and Conditions for Using OneEyedFrog Photography Equestrian Images

May 1, 2014


Terms and Conditions for Using OneEyedFrog Photography Equestrian Images

Registration and Account Access

  • Benefits: Registering an account allows you to access past orders, save favorite photos and videos, and expedite checkout.
  • Instructions: When logging in or creating an account, ensure your email address is correct. Always check junk folders for emails.

Image Galleries and Proof Images

  • Viewing Recommendations: The preferred method of viewing and purchasing images is on a computer or iPad.
  • Usage Agreement: By visiting the Image Galleries, you agree that proof images are for display purposes only.
  • Prohibited Actions:
    • Do not download, copy, print-screen, or take screenshots of proof images or watermarked images/text.
    • Proof images must not be displayed or used on social media, websites, for sale ads, third-party sponsors, forums, documents, or any advertising without permission.
    • Unauthorized use of proof images on social media will incur an invoice of $150 per photo.


  • Commercial Use: Using images in advertising or to promote and sell a product or service, including selling a horse or product.
  • Personal Use: Non-profit purposes only, not for commercial use without applicable fees.

Purchased Images

  • Image Specifications: Purchased images do not have the "Proof" watermark.
  • Usage Restrictions:
    • Purchased images may not be cropped, reproduced, copied, transmitted, or manipulated without written permission from OneEyedFrog Photography®.
    • Images cannot be used with third parties, other websites, for sale ads, graphic designers, photographers, artists, horse deals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, schools, clubs, advertising, or sponsors without permission.

Use and Credits

  • Commercial Use: Must include photo credit (e.g., "Photo: OneEyedFrog Photography") on printed material.
  • Personal Use: For use on social media platforms with proper credit (e.g., "Photo: OneEyedFrog Photography"). Credit lines must acknowledge OneEyedFrog Photography or
  • School Use: Permitted for school websites, newsletters, and personal use. Must include proper photo credit.

Other Products and Services

  • Montages / Frames / Prints: May take up to a week to organize; large orders may take up to 6 weeks.
  • Print Orders: Completed during business hours.
  • Image Editing Options:
    • Basic: Includes color correction, image straightening, manure.
    • Full: Includes basic edits plus removal of flies,  tidying backgrounds, and fixing horse features.
    • Fine Art Editing: Involves extensive edits including enhanced backgrounds and may take days to complete based on an hourly rate.


  • Shipping Methods: Items are shipped via Australian Post or Courier.
  • Delivery Address: Provide an address where someone will be available to accept the delivery. You are responsible for arranging the collection or delivery of products if you are unavailable.


  • Methods Accepted: Payments can be made via credit cards, PayPal, cash, cheque, or payment plans.

By using OneEyedFrog Photography services, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. Unauthorized use of images will result in penalties as outlined above.


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