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The prefered method of viewing images is on a Computer or Ipad.

Proof images are for display purposes only on my website and are stored at Low Resolution.

Please DO NOT download, copy, print-screen, take a screenshot with any device of the proof images displayed or watermarked images or text on this website as it considered theft.

Proof Images MAY NOT BE DISPLAYED OR USED on sites such as Facebook, Social Media, Websites, For SALE ADDS, Forums, any Documents or for any Advertising in any format without my permission.

Any photos found anywhere with the my wording Proof on the images will incur an invoice at $150 per photo for non purchased photos.

No editing or cropping to images allowed.  Images Purchased do not have the wording Proof across the photographs.

Purchased images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated or to be used in conjunction with other Third Parties, For Sale Adds, Graphic Designers, Photographers or Artists & Sponsors without the written permission of OneEyedFrog Photography® This requires an additional commercial fee.

Invoices will be sent and your account in the OneEyedFrog Photography® website will be disabled until payment is complete.

People in breach of my Copyright Terms will face a Copyright Infringement Penalty & possible Legal Action.

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