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Gallery expires on June 1, 2029

OneEyedFrog Photography is dedicated to capturing both the exciting and the intimate moments of life, ensuring that every moment is preserved with care, allowing you to look back on them with fond memories and great pride. Whether it's capturing portraits, action shots, celebrations, or presentations, Sharlene Phillips, a highly skilled photographer at OneEyedFrog Photography, has the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Sharlene's extensive equine knowledge, fostered by her upbringing surrounded by horses, allows her to capture images that showcase the deep connection between riders and horses. Mentored by professional judges, equestrian instructors, and accomplished athletes, she takes immense pride in capturing the essence of this unique bond.

With her talent and experience, Sharlene has covered a wide range of horse events, demonstrating her versatility and ability to capture the energy and beauty of equestrian sports. From Interschool Equestrian Events and Show Jumping Events to Horse Trials, Dressage, RDA, Para Equestrian Athletes, HRCAV, ARC, TTT, Pony Clubs, Equitana, Royal Melbourne Show, MI3DE, Corporate Events, Horse Clinics, Horse Shows, Rodeos, Reining, and more, Sharlene has a deep understanding of the equestrian world.

Her exceptional ability to capture unforgettable images has led to exclusive photoshoot requests featuring prominent figures such as Princess Nathalie of Denmark, George Morris, Her Royal Majesty the Queen's Senior Coachman Philip Barnard Brown, America's Horse Whisperer - Lew Sterrett, and many others. This recognition is a testament to her unique talent and artistic eye.

The remarkable work of OneEyedFrog Photography has been widely recognized and featured in various forms of media worldwide, including television and print publications. Additionally, the company proudly sponsors ISJ and ISD VEIS, contributing to the equestrian community and supporting Victorian Interschool Equestrian Events.

With her extensive experience, artistic background, and commitment to excellence, Sharlene Phillips and OneEyedFrog Photography continue to capture extraordinary moments and create lasting memories for clients in Australia and beyond.


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